Critical Facts About Adding Children in a Partner Visa Application

Partner visas are a godsend to couples who have been living in different countries. It allows them to live together as long as one partner is Australian. Partner visas are particularly beneficial to couples with children since the kids get to live with both parents rather than with one. That said, applying for a partner visa is not as straightforward for couples with children, and simple errors might lead to application rejection. This article highlights vital facts to remember when adding children to a partner visa application.

Add Dependent Children Only

Most couples think that Australian laws only permit couples to add children under 18 to a partner visa application. Well, it is partly true because children under 18 are dependent on their parents for basic needs. Fortunately, you will be glad to know that you can add children aged between 18 and 25. However, you should prove that a child between 18 and 25 is either studying full time or not working full time. If a child in the age bracket has a job, you cannot add them to a partner visa application.

Right Time To Add Children

Time is another issue applicants should consider when adding their children to a partner visa application. Of course, you can include children when lodging a partner visa application with the immigration department. Unfortunately, most couples think that it is the only time to add children to a partner visa application. However, nothing could be further from the truth because partners can still add their children even after lodging an application. However, immigration agents only consider such an application before a partner visa application is decided. Once a decision has been made, the only way to bring your children to Australia is through a Dependent Child Visa.  

Fees Increase With Every Child

Partner visa application is not free, and you must pay a fee to facilitate the process. Notably, the fee is non-refundable; therefore, you must be careful not to make errors that could lead to rejection. Most applicants think that children are added to an application free of charge. However, it is not the case since it attracts an additional fee. Moreover, the fee increases with every child, meaning couples with more than one child pay more than partners with a single child. Therefore, you need to keep the charge in mind to avoid costly application mistakes.

For more information on partner visas, contact an immigration attorney.