Have An Immigration Issue? Here's Why You Should Use A Migration Agent

Migration agents are individuals that are trained, licensed and mandated by the immigration department to help on a broad range of issues. A migration agent can assist you with any visa problems you may have. Although it is possible to handle visa matters on your own, migration agents are invaluable in offering insights, legal advice and even handling complicated applications on your behalf. If you are wondering whether you should use a migration agent, this article explains the scope of services they can undertake for you.

Evaluating your immigration needs

First, a migration agent can listen to your case and carry out an assessment. This means they will be in a position to advise if you have a solid reason to seek a visa and what your chances are. Apart from moving into Australia, they can also advise you on applying for a permanent visa, renewing your visa or changing the type of visa you have. Next, they can help you identify the right visa you need, either for visiting, working, medical, studying or other purposes, right down to the particular visa sub-class that is right for you.

Explaining the process

Thanks to their experience and training on immigration matters, a migration agent can provide you with fast and up-to-date answers on all your immigration problems. For example, they can fill you in on what documents you need to provide and what other information is needed for your application. They can also explain what the application process entails, from start to finish, including the duration period. This sort of help will help you understand the process fully and assist you to prepare adequately if you're going to make an application.

Carrying out your application

Once you decide to go ahead and apply for a visa, visa change or visa renewal, your migration agent can help you with the application. They will help you fill the application documents correctly, while providing clear information. They will also help you attach the documents needed to add weight to your application. A migration agent can also liaise with your sponsor, spouse or employer in Australia to help complete the application process. If there are any challenges at this stage, they can contact immigration officials to seek clarification or guidelines on your behalf.

Preparation and representation in tribunals & courts

Another unique service that migration agents can offer is legal advice and representation. If you feel that your application was not considered fully or fairly, you can seek a hearing in a tribunal. Your migration agent will help you prepare accordingly. If you are not happy with the decision made in the tribunal, your migration agent can seek further legal redress in the federal court or the high court.

With migration applications being such weighty issues, using a migration agent can make a huge difference on your application. They will ensure you apply for the right visa, provide the right information and apply in the right manner for maximum chances of success. So contact a migration agency, such as The Immigration Group Pty Ltd, today if you're having any immigration issues.